Midnight Garden
Midnight Garden

Midnight Garden


Deep, floral aromas draw you in with essential oils of Jasmine, Geranium, Basil and Lemon creating an hypnotic, seductive atmosphere.
Floral, exotic, green, citrus aromas with an hypnotic effect.
Aromatic qualities:  Exotic floral with citrus and green undertones
Psychological:  hypnotic, seductive
Magical: lulling, hypnotic, chaos magic

An artisan blended, black soywax candle, in 20cl glass, gift wrapped in black tissue, box and ribbon.  Optional silver metal lid available separately (aromas in, dust out and good for clean extinguishing)  

* these are  now available in with black wax in 20cl black glass as in image 2, and comes in the black box with ribbon.