How to use candle melts

Making the most of your Candle Melt:

Each melt should last approximately 25 hours, after that you will be left with unscented or mildly scented wax and it is time to change your melt.  The easiest method to change the melt, is to put the whole oil burner in the fridge for 15mins to make the wax shrink then it will pop out with your fingernail of a knife (read below for full instructions).

Simply place a tealight in the lower section and pop your candle melt in the bowl at the top, then light your tealight.  
As the heat from the tealight melts the candle tart, the essential oils will be released.      When you have finished  using the melt, extinguish the tealight and allow the melt to set. 

You can keep using the melt until you feel the essential oils have all evaporated.  (I test this by going outside then returning to the room to detect any aromas.)  To dispose of the melt or to change it for something else , simply put the whole oil burner in the fridge.  Leave for 15minutes or so , allowing time for the wax to shrink.  It should then pop out easily with a knife. 

I normally melt mine for about 2 hours and if I want to change the melt I store it tightly wrapped in a freezer bag  to keep the oil s in.  You can however, just keep re-using the same melt until the aromas have ceased; then pop in the fridge to ease removal.  Treat yourself and have different oil burners for different rooms or purposes

If  using your own oil burner , check to make sure the bowl is deep enough , you can always cut the melt in two with a knife if you think it is too large for the depth of your oil burner.

Please handle the melts with care as essential oils are strong and in some people can cause allergies.  Do not allow young children to handle the melts or pregnant women without first consulting with a medical  professional or midwife. 
Please read the safely instructions before using candles and candle tarts.  Although I am not a fan of "health and safety blurbs"  since if you take responsibility it shouldn't be necessary, I am required to state the obvious  by law and if this makes someone think twice about where they place a candle to prevent a fire, then I suppose that's fine by me!


Candle & Candle Tart Safety




Burn or melt within sight.

Keep away from combustibles.

Keep away from children.

Warning applies to the burning of candles and melting of candle tarts

Check that you have removed all packaging. 

Never leave a burning candle  or tart unattended. Burn candle & candle tarts out of reach of children & pets. Always leave at least 20cm between burning candles.  Do not burn candles or candle tarts on or near anything that can catch fire.  Do not place candles in a draught.  Do not place candles near a source of heat.  Place candles in an upright position.  Trim wick to about 1cm before lighting.  Always snuff out flame. Do not blow it out.  Always use a candleholder that is non-flammable and capable of containing any wax spillage.  Keep the pool of wax clear of matches and other debris to avoid flaring.  Only use tea light in holders and warming stoves with sufficient ventilation. Make sure if using a candle tart/melt that size is suitable for oil burner ie break melt in half if too big for dish of burner.  Do not move a burning candle or melting candle tart.  Use a suitable glass or holder as candles can liquefy when burning.  Never use a liquid to extinguish.  Leave to cool for at least 20 minutes before trimming wick.  Never use a candle as a night light.

It is recommended that if you are pregnant that you check with your midwife or doctor before using candles or candle tarts scented with essential oils and keep away from young children.