Winter Spice No: 1
Winter Spice No: 1

Winter Spice No: 1


Warming winter aromas with a spicy combination of cinnamon & orange.  Winter Spice No 1 has a deeper cinnamon aromas and Winter Spice No2 has a slightly more citrus bias (see white candles)
Aromatic qualities:  warm, spicy, woody, citrus
Psychological:  warming, grounding, wellbeing
Magical: grounding,winter solstice

An artisan blended, white soywax candle, in 20cl glass, gift wrapped in black tissue, box and ribbon.  Optional silver metal lid available separately (aromas in, dust out and good for clean extinguishing)   Burn time approx. 35-40hrs.

(check out Winter Spice No:2 in our white candle section - very similar aroma but made lighter with less cinnamon)